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Check out the Information page for bidding requirements. 

Is a bid already happening in your city? GET INVOLVED! 

If you need information regarding an ongoing bid in your city, please feel free to contact us


TXSCYPAA takes place in a different city each year. The location of TXSCYPAA is determined through a bidding process, where young AA members organize local committees to bring TXSCYPAA to their city.

Over the 30+ years of TXSCYPAA’s existence, a network of local committees have sprung up in cities where ICYPAA has been or may go. This informal network collaborates actively to help young alcoholics find recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Each year at the conference, cities who wish to bring the next TXSCYPPA to their area are encouraged to form a bid committee. Bidders are given the opportunity to give a bid presentation in front of the advisory Council on the Saturday morning of the conference. After each city has given it’s bid presentation, the Advisory Council then votes where the next year’s conference will be held.

Information on how to bid and many other ways to get involved, through service work, can be found on the Information page.

Want more details? Contact us!
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